For over 30 years, Badger Land has been the leading advisor and service provider to car wash operators in the Midwest. Our success is derived from our focus on cultivating our expertise so that we are best able to serve our clients. In fact, the fundamental belief at Badger Land is our mission to help our customers build and operate highly profitable car wash businesses. In order to do this, we offer the services and products that we know will help our clients’ washes produce the cleanest car possible and maintain extremely high system uptime.


We are enabled to achieve our mission through:

  • An unrelenting FOCUS on what we do
  • Our highly skilled PEOPLE
  • Outstanding PRODUCTS provided by our industry-leading PARTNERS

Contact us to learn how to develop and operate a profitable car wash business.


Badger Land Car Wash Equipment & Supplies, LLC
300A E. Oak Street • Oak Creek, WI • 53154